About me

I am a Life Coach specialising in Relationships

My studies of Human Development started when my very own children were born, finding out pretty soon that I didn’t have a clue on how to raise children, let alone how to encourage them into becoming loving, intelligent, well balanced adults.

The truth is that life seems to throw at us “stuff” that we would rather not have to deal with…as a motivational speaker, published author, mentor, mother, CEO, life coach my motto has always been fairly simple, yet fundamental: strengthen emotionally, expand what I have and can and choose lifestyle and family above all else.

Today I align my heart’s desire with the mind before doing anything else. I have experienced illness, loss, failure, within my own self and within my family. I know that coaching can lead me and you through difficulties, stuck states, emotions far easier and with less struggle than if I go it alone.  Less stress, an increased understanding and awareness and best of all with the ability of how to do it better in the future is easier when you ask for guidance from a qualified coach.   Asking for help did not come naturally for me and often I used my business as the excuse to go and get the help I needed.  By learning to do my self differently, improving on the old strategies or replacing them with new updated ones certainly led me to my business success in my small businesses.

…you see my greatest growth in business success came when I was able to transform limiting beliefs I had formed as a child.  Changing my way of thinking and communicating resulted in me being more motivated to achieve my heart’s desires.  Those desires for me were cash in my back pocket from a profitable business; precious time with my family; international travel and sharing my learnings with others through coaching, training and speaking.

My business partner also my life partner and I purchased the Waikato area in a small repair service when we left dairy farming.  We enjoyed good growth   We worked our mobile repair service in Hamilton with four contractors, my husband and business partner and and office manager.  After successfully selling my service orientated business in Hamilton, I began Alliance Success Coaching to enlighten and empower those struggling in life & business by showing that our emotions and desires play a vital role in recognising when our unique inner guidance systems need help.

Through my own personal and professional experiences, I know the importance of being flexible and not being afraid to make life changes. My working career started as a legal secretary before becoming a dairy farmer and then a small business owner. I was compelled to take a more holistic and revolutionary approach myself  which included wanting to share my skills and knowledge for the betterment of others.

It is my goal to support you and unlock what is preventing you from achieving your goals and desires giving you the tools to take back control of your life. I offer the gift of choice and the ability to make wise decisions today for a more fulfilling tomorrow.

I have a diverse background from legal secretary to dairy farmer to small business owner.  Gratefully I have always questioned how can this be done better.  What if  my relationships were better; why are they not listening to me; and how come I cannot get my message across.  My first 2 year trainings were in sales and business leadership with Brendon Nichols  2003 I gained a management communication qualification at the University of Waikato; 2009 I qualified NLP Master Practitioner and Trainer with Comms Plus in Auckland.   I applied communication and sales strategies to advance my business – even through the GFC.  I enhanced my parenting and relationship skills with my staff and customers.   I completed my training as a Wildly Wealthy Woman in with Dymthna Boholt & Sandy Foster in the Sunshine Coast.   In 2010 I qualified as an mBIT (multiple brain integration techniques) Certified Coach which uses 100 year old proven breathing techniques that aligns your Heart, Head and Gut Brain.  This last year, 2016 & 2017 I have become an Inner Work Coach with Marvin Oka and

Alliance Success Coaching enables me to provide advice for small business owners.  Decision making and increasing your returns is what we focus on.  For those individuals suffering from anxiety and depression I can assist you with different strategies that will see less panic attacks now and feel happier more in control of your future. My work focuses on understanding your problem now, putting the ‘heart’ back into what’s important to YOU so you feel lighter, brighter and happier. I enjoy being able to support and help those who feel stuck in a rut, lack self confidence and perhaps the skills, goals or encouragement to move forward – be it in business or private life.

I use the latest neuroscience integrative techniques to best align your heart, head, and gut intelligences in a safe and effective way. For businesses, I offer a variety of services ranging from business mentoring to workshops and seminars.

Whatever the problem, it is my goal to support you and unlock what is preventing you from achieving your goals and desires giving you the tools to take control of your own outcomes. I offer the gift of choice to change.  All it takes is for you to make the first move and give me a call. I’d love to hear from you

Colleen Bryant – Relationship Coach