Are you writing to do lists? Are they helping you to be productive?

Trying to find a new home is proving stressful especially in this Auckland market at present.   My daily lists are helping with this and my new business venture.

I have always been a “lister”.  Why?  Three reasons:

  •  I find it satisfying to state my intention, plan the steps necessary to achieve and especially the successful tick off at the end of the day.
  • I love variety, and my head brain is always full of thoughts of what could be.   My lists keep me on track reminding me of necessary detail that needs completing in the now!
  • I work at speed, lets face it our world around us does too…we all fit a lot into our hour, day, week.   My list gives the order in which to do!

My daily routine of listing clears my head removing the necessity of remembering every little laborious detail.

Things to do today Things I would like the Universe to take care of for me today.
Phone A/c
Create Brochure & Send to Printer
Phone Mother
Enter Invoices & Quotes (MYOB)
Arrange Story Register
Write another chapter
Publish Book Publish Book
Arrange Opportunity to Speak Opportunity to Speak
New Clients New Clients
Arrange Meeting with Media Expert
Email Real Estate Agent
Truck hire
Find New Home New Home










I write all the things I need to do today in the left hand column and then transfer the items I don’t actually have control over as to when and how it is completed.  Then I prioritize my “things to do today”.  Seven ticked off is a productive day!

By moving some items over to let my “Universe” take care of I don’t worry about something I have no control over, and I have more patience.

Obviously it doesn’t work with everything but for me it helps clear the clutter so I can work easily on what I can do and worry less what I can’t and is out of my control.   It also clears my “now” energy and time and takes away the frustration.

It worked with my new book coming out “In the Spirit of Abundance”.  Co-authoring with some of the greats is an awesome opportunity for which I am truly grateful…however the wait has been endless since I wrote my part…last week I transferred my “Publish Book” and on Friday I heard from Sandy Forster of Wildly Wealthy with the bad news that the books are waiting at the ports in a container somewhere and the good news that she is shipping me 10 books early so that I have something in my hand for all my hard work.

Let’s hope it works for finding my home.

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