Auckland based Colleen Bryant – A Transformational Coach and Trainer who Creates Viable Pathways to Change for her Clients

Auckland-based Colleen Bryant is a transformational coach and trainer who specializes in values coaching, drug-free depression treatment, and small business coaching.

“I offer the gift of change – no guilt, no shame, no regrets!” – C. Bryant

Colleen Bryant creates viable pathways to change for her clients. She does this by educating the individuals’ own ability to undertake and cope with major life  changes.  Clearing negative emotions from the past experiences, and revisiting unhelpful decisions made way back in the past is an important tool used to bring about profound change in her coaching clients.


“My freedom today is due to my ability to change my mind, choosing to learn how to identify at a heart level what I want in my life.  This has made the difference and continues to give me great experiences of pure joy.” – C. Bryant

As a client, Colleen Bryant  will guide you through identifying your heart’s desire, creating more of what you want using the resources you have now, and enhancing your ability to move forward.  People who know and have experienced Colleen’s work say that she has a unique way of connecting through her compassion and empathy towards others which makes her a transformational coach like no other.


Small Business Coaching – As a creator of businesses in her own right and a visionary growth expert Colleen Bryant thrives on helping business owners implement growth strategies that bring the cash into their back pockets.

Depression & Anxiety Treatment – Colleen Bryant can also show you how to easily rid yourself of depression, anxiety, phobias and limiting beliefs.  Clients looking for a drug-free treatment for depression and anxiety get real results in a surprisingly short time-frame.

Communication & Relationship Coaching – Restoring communication between parent and teenager; spouse; business partners; or customers

Motivational & Change Coaching – The ability to see what you’re not seeing right now within your business, family or self.

“I ask those difficult questions that get to the core of the problem…I like it to a scaffolding that’s a bit wobbly when you’re painting the outside of the house or building a new one…it wobbles because of only one little connection being un-aligned.  If you can fix that key component then the scaffolding becomes strong and able to do it’s job. “– C. Bryant

So, if you want:

  • to get off the drugs;
  • have cash in your back pocket,
  • a teenager you can live with;
  • a romantic relationship with your spouse
  • to communicate with your self in a more positive way


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