I am featured amongst the world’s best entrepreneurs in an exciting new book!

In the Spirit of Abundance

Do you want to create more abundance in your life? Are you ready to be filled with all you desire? Discover why the business leaders, teachers, speakers, mentors, coaches and trainers in this amazing book have appeared around the world on shows including Oprah, The Tonight Show and Good Morning America.

In the Spirit of Abundance is a must read to inspire, empower and support you on your own personal transformation. You’ll find inspiring stories from some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, motivational leaders, success mentors and coaches as you discover how they triumphed over seemingly great challenges and have since achieved success beyond their wildest dreams. Here are a just a few of the secrets you’ll discover…

• Why paying it forward assures your abundance
• How to discover exactly what you want
• How to move beyond fear into light and freedom
• How to create your reality from the inside out
• How to set goals that will inspire and delight you …and much more!

You’ll enjoy chapters from some of the world’s most renowned experts in the field of motivation and success thinking including Mark Victor Hansen, Arielle Ford, Jack Canfield, Brian Tracy and Sandy Forster. You’ll read dozens of stories to inspire you to live your best life now!

OK I’ve read enough… I want to order NOW!

Imagine having more choices in your life; to choose who you spend your time with, to become successful and achieve your financial dreams.

Here’s your chance to discover what others entrepreneurs already know. Powerful, uplifting stories that can literally inspire you into taking action towards living the dream life you always wanted.

That’s what In the Spirit of Abundance is all about – real life examples of inspiring entrepreneurs who have realised they were not living their dream and then taken the necessary steps to make it happen. And you can too. Get ready for an inspiring ride with diverse entrepreneurs from around the world who share their personal, profound stories on what it took to rise to the top. Just imagine what reading their inspiring stories could do for you!

Can you afford NOT to read In The Spirit to Abundance?

I know In the Spirit of Abundance will inspire, empower and motivate you to achieve your OWN Abundance.

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