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Have just spent a beautiful day with my daughter and her husband celebrating three weeks out from being Mummy and Daddy…the traditional “baby shower” was replaced by a gathering of friends and family a the local beach for a picnic and bbq. The invite went like this, come and have have some fun with us before we become sleep depraved, frazzled new parents.

This means of course that I will become Grandma for the second time in so many months…last week my first grandson was born and wow what a joy it is to see my son taking such an active role and loving every moment of it…

Things have changed since our day the Great Grandmother said and a group of us relatively new Grandmas agreed. What ever happened to the nursing homes where mothers were indulged for 10 days having our babies bathed, swaddled and brought to us, quickly followed by a cup of hot chocolate…this has been replaced with most husbands having a couple of weeks off with Grandmas and Nanas stepping in to cover the cleaning, washing and cooking. And this is a good thing because babies need to be nutured by both parents and from what I have seen and experienced the guys are very good at this role.

Conversation came around to whether my two daughters were staying at their jobs. No they weren’t they both wished to be stay at home Mum’s for the first year at was discussed as to whether this was why women don’t go further in their careers? It got me thinking back when I was a mother to two gorgeous children working on a farm, running the local play centre, volunteering at the Plunket Centre and/or the local primary school…how strong I was then. If I compare it to when I was working before I had children my strength, clarity and direction all increased 100% after having children…my perception broadened, resolve strengthened and my wisdom increased.

I wonder now whether we as business owners do enough to encourage these woman back into the work force…the very thing that makes us woman stronger, more skilful and intelligent we in the business and corporate world see as a hindrence and it is argued that is why salary’s are not equal and leadership positions are not offered. An inequality!

it isn’t logical is it? i mean it just doesn’t make sense how we have structured society in the west does it really because if we were smart we would support woman more fully at this time, organise our businesses and offices around them so that we could benefit from this intuitive genius, a innate wisdom that woman seem to grow into once they become mothers.

just a thought…what do you think?

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