Heart to heart coaching

When we feel in control of our lives we tend to be happier, more optimistic and enjoy living life to the full. But what happens when it all goes terribly wrong? When life seems overwhelming and you find yourself feeling lost and alone?


Key benefits from personal coaching

• Builds confidence and decisiveness
• Resolves internal conflicts and self-doubt
• Reconnects you with your true heart-based values
• Encourages joy, excitement and inner peace back into your life


Enhance your life

My personal coaching focuses on helping you realign your mind with your body through what is described as three ‘brains’. These are your Heart, Head and Gut intelligences. Neuroscience research together with ancient has proven that by aligning these three brains, our body’s intelligence can overcome problems such as:

• indecision or the inability to move forward
• lack of motivation or feeling of low self-esteem
• emotional heartache often from grief, loss or trauma
• health ailments (especially between the heart and gut)
• negative habits or harmful behaviours (drugs, alcohol, risk taking)

Dr Robin Kelly says in his book The Human Hologram ” We call them symptoms….confusing, random bits of information coming from their bodies that patients try to describe….Symptoms are feelings – subjective and rarely measurable objectively.”

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