My greatest growth in business came from transforming the limiting beliefs I had formed as a child.  Changing my way of thinking resulted in me being more motivated to achieve my own success, based on what I personally valued.   I learned how to evolve self in order to grow my business.”

I am a Timeline Therapist and NLP Master Practitioner/Trainer and incorporate the latest neuroscience integrative techniques aligning heart, head and gut intelligences to support and transform my clients, guiding them to identify their heart’s desire and enhance their natural talents.

“Progress is impossible with out change and if you can change your mind, you cannot change anything” — George Bernard Shaw

As a successful business woman in a man’s domain the above quote gave me a learned and respected man’s point of view to hang my need to change my mind along with my business model so as to adapt to the ever changing economic tides so that ongoing growth could be achieved.

I am available to speak on the following topics.  My practical success in business, family life together with my formal training in Management Communication, Human Development, Neuro Linguistics and mBraining means that you will get an interactive educational experience.

  • My Experiences of Learning and Change
  • Matters of the Heart
  • Grow Your Business: Sales – How to Achieve More

Matters of the Heart

“Colleen was the guest speaker for Lupus North Shore recently and she has a relaxed way of imparting her knowledge to an audience.  She uses her skills and life experience to help people reach their potential and personal wellness.”    Linda

If you would like a professional speaker at your next business or group meeting then contact me now!