Feedback from those within the business or community sector

“Masterful! You are amazing and have a great gift there! Insightful is more accurate I’d say.”

A school principal who recently undertook an mBit Training had this to say:

“mBraining gives us a pathway enabling us to resolve many of our internal conflicts. We have within each of us untapped potential for wisdom. However as complex beings, humans need to be integrated so that we are able to access the wisdom each of us has.

mBraining enables us a way to access the highest states of wisdom available to us. When we are in a state that is not ideal for learning or decision making, the techniques taught in mBraining educate us how to recognise and transition to the state that gives us the optimum resourcefulness and resiliency.

The breathing exercises taught enable us to balance our nervous system and energies so we can be functioning more effectively within minutes. mBraining encourages us to become citizens of our world and our own environments – making us aware that the choices we make will have a profound effect on the world that our children and grandchildren will inherit from us.

David Bargh, Principal, Dargaville High School

“I really wanted you to know that after the conversation with you yesterday I took ownership of my ideas, discarded what everyone else was suggesting and decided to do it the way I wanted. I felt so empowered and strong after this.”