Supporting parents with troubled teens

Every teen stumbles through adolescence with fears, doubts and insecurities but some seriously struggle and require professional guidance. For those who feel overwhelmed and stressed by difficult challenges (peer pressure, school examinations, cyber bullying, family conflicts etc) they can also suffer more serious conditions such as anxiety and depression if left ignored. If you’re worried about your child, follow your heart and seek professional help to support them.



My Wise Up programme is a drug-free solution designed to help reach troubled teens. Working with you and your child, I focus on identifying:

• What triggers bad behavior or their indifference
• What is causing the problem behavior
• How to uncover patterns of response that sabotage your child’s aspirations
• Ways to overcome any anxiety, depression or feelings of low self-esteem


My programme encourages an open and respectful relationship between you and your child that allows you to understand and support each other during what can be a difficult and trying time.

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