Change and Perspective

Reflecting on recent events in my life over the last couple of days and realising that change is often forced upon us by a series of events in our lives that we, well specifically I don’t always recognise as having any responsibility for.    It is difficult, isn’t it at times to see and understand that they way we react gives us what we get in life.

My perception today changed as I took photos in a garden through windows created by a designer, an engineer, a gardener and so many more involved in such a project such as Garden by the Bays, flower and cloud domes in Singapore…plant matter, wooden, concrete, steel, and water were used to create the different scenes…the results are amazing…a futuristic looking at living for me comparatively from farming life in NZ with plenty of space around me, living off the land and animals around me, providing a symbiotic relationship between us together each providing for the other.  Singapore seems to provide the same in a completely different way for it’s approximately 5.5 million people importing most of it’s food, workers, a efficient public transport system.

A Flower Dome, Cloud Forest, Super Trees (who wouldn’t want to live on top of a Super Tree?), Heritage Gardens provides a collection of plants from all over the world, I have yet to visit their wildlife zoos, and tomorrow is another day.

…I am left wondering is this place they call Singapore, a modern day Noah’s Ark?  people, plants, animals collected from all corners of the world into one small island?

A must see in my view ….might have to build a different home back in New Zealand now that I have viewed and experienced this place

…as a business woman will I trade differently? Singapore has a long history of trading throughout the world and maybe still is today a trader’s paradise – I enjoyed purchasing my new pair of shoes…and China Town is delightful


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