Respect and Responsibility

A key element to leading the life you want, is to have a healthy loving respect for self! Generally when we get what we want, we are happy campers! Yes?

Yet even when we have a healthy dose of self respect there are times when we unknowingly put constraints on ourselves that really aren’t there, not in any physical sense.

When it was first suggested to me that everything I have in my life to date is a direct result of the decisions I have made, it blew me away. BUT was a big word in my vocabulary back then, and still now I catch myself occasionally using it. I used to be exceptionally skilled at laying the blame squarely at the government, the company I worked for and my parents or siblings.

I wised up! I create my reality and it started with self worth and respect for me! I asked myself… What was it that I wanted in my life? How could I have that? Why didn’t I have it? and What would I have to do to get it?

I don’t think these questions come naturally. Most of us are trained from a young age to cater to the needs of others…to make our parents proud, to out shine our siblings, self sacrificing for the good of the government the economy, and the company.

…and so as adults we are asked to take responsibility for our own actions, and results after being trained very early to serve others needs with little thought of our own! A little confusing to say the least.

Perhaps it is planned that way so that we learn to change but to me it seems a little arse about face! Change isn’t always easy!

Wouldn’t it make more sense to train our kids from the start to have respect for themselves, to take responsibility for their actions and results?

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