Depression Therapy

ShinnickDrug Free Rapid Depression Treatment

Feel lighter, brighter and happier!

Rapid Depression Treatment

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Colleen Bryant is a certified Depression Therapist

Usually after a 1 – 2 hour session with me you will feel lighter, brighter and happier. You would have moved from being depressed to feeling so much better.

Do you constantly feel down or hopeless and everything looking a little gloomy?

Having little interest or pleasure in doing things you used to enjoy?

Irritable or restless feeling tired all the time or a general overall loss of energy?

Feeling empty or lonely and don’t know what to do about it?

Do you have the feeling you’re just observing life rather than being in it and living it to full?

Would you like to live life to the full?

Phone me now on 027 499 4213 or 09 239 177 for an appointment.

Talk to your GP and find out about the Shinnick/method for Rapid Depression Treatment.

Assessment and GP Referrals accepted

Depressed vs undepressed brain


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