Do you have enough?

Do you have enough?

I have just experienced a day on board a cruise ship confined to my room, Doctor’s and Captain’s orders because I had diarrhea and we have an epidemic on board, they have called it diarrhea, Gastro Intestinal … and now Novo – what ever they are calling it, it is now code red!

Bruce (husband of 33 years) and I discussed this recent turn of events having been cleared for release from barracks confinement whilst gratefully breakfasting in the restaurant and noted that:

  • How difficult it was to actually comply with the procedural authority;
  • The initial response from my ego, and the justifications why not to;
  • What this confinement experience forced me to consider and understand.

How difficult was it for me to comply?

Any of my friends and family reading this will be belly laughing heartily already over this question.  Suffice to say it is not my strong point to comply with rules and regulations, which both serves me in thinking outside the square and is my Achilles’ heal as it were as I know we need rules to live by which to maintain order, live peacefully, productively, and in harmony with self and others.

And these were my non-compliance generated justifications:

  • What about my trip of a lifetime, I will miss out on 24 hours stuck in a cabin?
  • I paid a lot of money for this am I going to let these rules stop me?
  • Why should I be held responsible? The ship should be better cleaned, supervised, maintained.  It has to be food poisoning, bad cleaning, bla bla bla and so it went on.
  • I can get away with this, just carry on as if I haven’t, and follow the procedures without reporting to Dr or Captain.

Why had I wanted to come on this Adventure into Antiquity?

I wanted time out to investigate, seek truth in areas of spirituality, religion and personal growth.  I have found in the past that travel does especially well for me.  Experiencing different cultures, food, beliefs and the history…oh it is truly a wonderful way to grow personally.  At times I have been fearful, brave, excited, overwhelmed, tears of joy and sadness, happy beyond belief, creative…and it is really for me about reaching the sweet spot where synchronicity happens and you know you are connected to the flow…this happens for me when I personally feel safe, cared for, loved, secure and happy and usually this is when I am at my best…so it is not unlike a tennis or squash player hitting the ball at that place of perfection on the strings, or the netballer goal shoot that gets in the flow where she can obtain the goal anywhere in the goal circle…we have all seen this yes?

…and so yesterday’s confinement went like this

  • I stopped being so busy…so many excursions, activities on board, people to meet, food to eat and lots of it, champagne to drink, pool to swim in, spa to relax in, yoga class, gym, early mornings sailings into port on the bridge, show to watch, history lessons, chess games. Ooops what did I just recreate?
  • I slow down. I meditate. I complete my breathing exercises. I enjoy watching the sea passing by my balcony.  I notice the curvature of the earth the white caps chasing each other on the deep blue water.  I feel how my skin enjoys the warmth of the sun.  I read my book and sleep a while.  Order in a cup of tea with honey.  Watch a romantic movie on TV that is a modern day Tazan and Jane story…how gorgeous.
  • Whew I need this day of rest!

I slept well getting up several times during the night to step onto the balcony and wonder up at the skies and the different star constellations – they are so unfamiliar to me in this part of the world and enjoy the strong breeze.


This morning on waking I was writing again, three good three pages of my thoughts before the phone rang at 7.45am, a call from Shelly at the Medical Centre with “the question” ….I happily advised all was well with me.   Her response was “you’re released from your State Room”…yeah I cried, thanking her for her care.  Off to breakfast in the dinning room.

Which brings me back to what Bruce and I were discussing, and the conclusions we came to:

  • You can go on holiday and still be as busy, on task, stressed, and un-relaxed as ever, however if you don’t reset and relax being in the now then something or someone will come along and force you to do just that.
  • Being in your flow, sweet spot, synchronized throughout your body and brains is the only way to create your passion, creativity
  • There is a need I have found to reset my body and minds.  That if I don’t do this consciously it is as if my body and minds will find a way for it to be so.  Yesterday I was forced to do a reset…
  • That it is easy to get back into that perception of “lack” “there isn’t enough” so lets take all we can get now because we have paid for it and tomorrow there may not be enough?  Where does that come from…like pigs to the trough you can have too much food, wine, excursions and things to do.  Believe me you can create what you have at home on a cruise ship…easy peasy!
  • Back into my sweet beautiful creative writing space I am enjoying writing to you!

Reminding you that

  • you’re a beautiful wonderfully creative being.
  • there is no lack of food, money, places to travel, people to love…
  • you just need to stop and look at what you have already
  • listen to your heart as to what you want,
  • think creatively and imaginatively as to how you’re going to get it,
  • move, push if necessary yourself forward assertively.

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