Ferocious Focus

We are trying to decide on where to live.  Last week we shifted again – third house in a matter of months. A beautiful place on the waterfront with Pohutakawa and Oak trees abound, a small beach with a walking track of approximately 4kms without threat of being bowled by cars.

Hubby and I have been walking the track most mornings, and although it feels good to be out there, I found myself reluctant to get up and go.  Getting out of bed of late has been difficult… it is not usual for me and I put it down to how my world keeps changing.

I have at times seemed to be at a loss as to what to do next?  Where to turn? What path to take?  My choices are numerous, and yet:

  • My internal thoughts can create alternatives at such speed.
  • My internal theorizing can leave out my dreams, and goals, or worse still comparing mine to others.
  • My body can respond in energy output, so unusually I turn over and go back to sleep, or divert myself onto busy tasks eluding any need to make big decisions.

Does anyone else felt like this?  Or am I unique?   Is it just me “I-ing” in my confusing world? Do you all have it sorted?

My clients, friends and family tell me that this does happen.  Also having just purchased the latest Next magazine I open the page to Hilary Boyd’s article on a “How to avoid a Midlife Meltdown” a little dramatic for me but Hilary describes being beseted by her feelings of loss and disappointment when she reached the age of 50″.  She is 60 now and sharing with us of how she “beat her mid-age wobble”.  Bit late I say to be sharing….and I can tell you I am not going to have it take 10 years before I change what I need to change.  Why would we when it can take such a short time with the amazing help around these days.

This morning was different I jumped out of bed!  Truly I did and you know what it was that thrust me forward – the sound of laughter and chatter on the track below our house by a couple of woman. Sounded like fun, a joyous time to me

I got to the track a little worried I was too late.  Hubby hadn’t waited.  I met him at the entrance – he had just completed his first round. We laughed as we saw each and took our usual path.  Our timing was good this morning we agreed.  He shared he was looking for a reason to complete a second round and I worrying how I was likely to miss out on great company and chatting.

Reflecting on this morning’s unusual rapid response, I realise why I  jumped out of bed this morning.  It was the welcoming sound of other’s having fun, remembering their welcoming smiles of yesterday.  I also received some coaching on congruence from a fellow mBrain coach (see www.mbraining.com) and I  practised my breathing and integration techniques before going to bed.

If you wish to find out how easy it is to go from despair, sorrow and desperation to hope and joy!  From indifference and hate to love contact me…colleen@alliancesuccesscoaching.co.nz.

Did you know?

It has been scientifically proven we have three brains or neural networks, intelligences that work for us throughout our bodies…incredibly they do a fantastic however sometimes when your world changes they need coaching, enhancing, and re-energising.

What our heart desires, our head can create which in turns motivates us to move into action…how powerful is that?   Keeping it Simple!  Email  Colleen@alliancesuccesscoaching.co.nz  or Phone 027 499 4213 to book your appointment.

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