Creating Faster and Longer Lasting Change – Improve your Performance

Have you ever:

  • followed your heart
  • used your head
  • experienced a gut reaction

Marvin Oka and Grant Sasaloo have studied the latest neuroscience research and produced leading edge method and practical techniques method that works directly with our multiple brains.  Yes we have three, the Heart, Head and Gut Brain.

By aligning all three Brains using the latest integration techniques we are able to eliminate:

  • Indecision and lack of self motivation
  • Internal Conflict between thoughts, feelings and actions
  • Health issues created especially between the heart and or the gut brains
  • Unwanted behaviours, and habits
  • The inability to move forward.

Each of these intelligences is capable of learning new skills.  As we take you through the different integration techniques the brains learn to create new neural pathways in a way that brings about coherence.   This allows us to access a greater wisdom from within:  We can then

  • Better Decisions
  • Resolve internal conflict
  • Find our true heart based values
  • Access empowering emotional states such as joy, excitement, peace, and happiness

Enhance your life now…email or if you wish to read what a High School Principal thought of the mBraining processes read his testimonial here!

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