Matters of the Heart!

“Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.” Aristotle

Science now says “We manifest our own emotions” , and this is good news because if we can create them, then it’s logical that we can change them.

It has taken me many years to become aware of and appreciate my own emotions and the guidance they provide !

I now understand how my childhood and teenage memories influenced greatly my current feelings, emotions, and reactions.

Celebrating Health and Wellbeing this September I am attending WELLFEST 20-21 September 2014.    Come and listen to me also in the Seminar room or talk to me privately on my stand #4 at WELLFEST.

I will share with you using storytelling and example how emotions are formed; how to transform guilt, grief, anger and shame, enabling you or those you know to manage anxiety or depression.

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Matters of the Heart

Colleen Bryant speaking at WELLFEST on Matters of the Heart!  Celebrate with me at Wellness!


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