My avocado allergy: How I overcame it!







I thought I would share with you this week about me and my Avocado Allergy!

For many years now if I ate avocado I would throw up for the next 24 hours…and so obviously I avoided it!

Avocado has many beneficial nutrients for the body and especially for woman and their re-production system and especially it is great during pregnancy for a healthy mother and the unborn child…if you have been following me at all on social media you will know I recently became a grandma twice over…and so it was of concern to me that my daughter also said she could not eat Avocado…

This sent off warning bells in my head… was this ‘allergy’ merely a learned response or behavioural pattern that I had passed on to my daughter?

If you listen to some of the most forward-thinking medical professionals of our time, such as geneticist Bruce Lipton, doctor Robin Kelly; they will tell you that we are as healthy as we think we are…to put it simplistically our genes respond to our thoughts and beliefs!

Anyways back to my Avocado Allergy…I recognised a couple of years ago when it started…I pinpointed the exact time and place during a coaching session with a colleague.

The place was Te Awamutu, working as a Legal Secretary for Gallie Miles…I had been out to lunch with another secretary and we had had our favourite corn chips with mince and guacamole – yummy!  Back from lunch at the office I got a call from my Dad, he was distraught and letting me know that a close friend, John was missing after riding his horse on the banks of the Waikato River…every-one was out searching and he was going to do the same…they feared he was drowned!

My stomach churned; I worried constantly; I couldn’t sit still;  I wanted to get back out to the farm… I was emotionally distraught. I remember vomiting in the office toilets, when I got home, and then again when I got the news that John had in fact been sucked down a watery whirlpool and didn’t stand a chance. I was literally gutted!

From that day on I couldn’t eat Avocado again without spending the next 24 hours throwing up!  Coincidence, or remembered emotions subsequently leading to a behaviour?

Two months ago however, something happened….

I was at a colleagues’ home in Auckland and we were practising for an up-coming training.  I was on my way down to Hamilton for business and so was in a rush.  She offered to make me cheese and vegemite toasties for a quick lunch before I left so that I wouldn’t have to stop on the way.  Cheese and vegemite toasties are my favourite!  Yummy I thought graciously accepting the offer.

I had my husband on my mind, as at the time hewas in Bali on a Heal-Thy-Self retreat. Having just completed a 21 day water fast he was breaking his fast on – you guessed it – avocado! He had been telling me for the last week how very easily digestible and so good for you avocado was!

My colleague presented me with these perfectly toasted vegemite and cheese sandwiches, on top of which, I saw a thick layer of green which could only be my old enemy – avocado. My thoughts were…

  • She’s gone to so much trouble to make them so nicely for me…
  • She will be mortified if I don’t enjoy this!
  • My husband in Bali is singing the praises of avocado, it’s easy digestible…
  • It is good for us – especially woman and their reproductive organs…
  • My daughter should really be eating avocado – more grandkids perhaps?
  • I have identified when and why I started this behaviour…
  • So, I can decide not to do this behaviour any more.

I proceeded to eat all two pieces of toast with cheese vegemite and beautiful avocado!  I loved it – it is so creamy!  As I drove towards Hamilton I coached myself through the little bit of indigestion that started to arise…I spoke from my heart about my love of my daughter; the brilliance of the fruit avocado; the joy that my colleague takes in looking after others; and I asked my head brain to take create another way for my gut to respond after eating this glorious gift…I drank water and kept coaching myself through this process…honestly I can’t remember when I forgot about the avocado I had for lunch, but by Ngaruawahia I was thinking of business and the needs of my trip down to Hamilton.

When meeting with my colleague later that week… I re-iterated my journey from her house to Hamilton…and you know what she said?

“Well, that’s fine Colleen but three times is a pattern…I suggest you try avocado again”

Ugh!  Hadn’t thought of that!  However, two months on and I can now tell you I am thoroughly enjoying avocado…

What do you think?  Can you get rid of an Allergy like that?  Anything is possible I believe now more so than ever.  Email me if you want to give it a go!

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