New Ground

I am visiting a new campground and it’s for self-contained vehicles – so no power only water available. We are here for work and have a couple of days set aside for play at an airshow with the grandkids.

I drove into this ‘new to me’ camp easily. After 2 years I am used to backing up this caravan and choose a site that faces the airstrip, hubby aka plane spotter will want to view any plane that flys this week.

I set up outside leveling the caravan perfectly but inside I find the power gauge shows no power in the battery “that can’t be right” I argue aloud, pushing another couple of buttons looking for a different result. I can be resourceful, resilient even, but I do need a couple of crucial essentials in my world and power is required for both the internet and my coffee machine.

Two phone calls later I understand how to reset the batteries and will do so with hubby’s help but the 12V in my caravan is not working NOW. In an effort to calm down I stop checking the same steps completed 1000 times already and walk down to the airport cafe to get a long black. Disheartened I find their coffee weak and without any creamer.

The truth is I can’t create and work without my internet – I connect with others this way, and I can’t start my day without a decent expresso. These two are my most essential daily needs.

Setting all that aside play day arrived and we woke to clear blue skies, noisy aircraft, and two chatty children. Having our grandkids along is such a delight, exploring with them as they ask their unique questions leading to more questions, creative answers and what if’s. Our imaginations and perceptions are enlightened from their innate sense of curiosity and creative beingness. Who am I to say this tree branch isn’t a bow and arrow; this stick a slingshot?

After a sunny full-on day at the airshow, I get a chance to test out the 240v plug in my motor-vehicle. It is with a sense of relief I find my internet connection works from here. Whilst dropping off the kids I ask to borrow my daughter’s coffee machine. I had discovered that this camp had more than it advertised. A shower, toilet and washing machine/dryer meaning I can possibly power up a coffee machine from there.

AND so today I woke to a cloudy gratefully quiet Monday. Taking the coffee machine over to the ablution block I make a beautiful long black with a decent creamer on top. Next, I fire up my trusted vehicle (grandchildren named her Tigger) and get the internet connection I had craved.

Inspired by our play day I started today with thought-provoking questions “what if this were true?; what resources do I have that are available to me today?; What truly is my most essential needs?

Grateful to my grandkids for leaving me with a sense of renewal, energized to move forward. It seems I can do without my coffee and the internet for a day or so anyway. By taking time out to rest and play I found the resources within.

Is this what we need to do to get us through these current disruptive times.  Stay calm, do what you can. Be tolerant of others trying to do the same.  As we have done in the past we will move through this “disruption” and benefit perhaps.

Stay in contact with your community, respect all, be kind and loving.  We are after all in this together New Zealand – we can fly through this with a calm purpose.  Similar to the pilots of these Warbirds focused not only on their instruments and speed of engine but also on the ever so slight touch of their wing and tail rudders to keep the team synced.
Colleen Bryant


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