3 reasons why NZ business owners will not achieve their goals this year!

NZ business owners work until the drop!  How much longer will you have to work before you live and enjoy the life of your dreams?

Did you set any new goals – a vision board/ strategic plan / a list of “What I will Achieve” on the front cover of your diary?

Are you a small business owner stuck working hard, anxious about the future?  Question is  how much longer will you have to work before you can rest up a little, relax and enjoy life?

 The Ministry of Business, Innovation & Employment 

“Small Business in New Zealand Dominate our Industries”.  The statistics from February 2012 are interesting with 322,887 enterprises out of a total of 469,118 having zero employees; only 97, 320 have 1-5 employees.

What does that mean? My perspective on these stats is:

  • NZ is a country made up of “Mum & Dad” businesses, of which I am one. Like the Anzac troops we recently celebrated and remembered, small enterprises work really hard to keep their families and our NZ economy growing.
  • NZ has a DIY mentality that stems from way back.  We are farming nation – no 8 wire and all of that…so the statistics above may also mean a lot of men and women are under extreme pressure and treading water physically, emotionally and mentally.

My husband and I used to run an upholstery workshop with four contractors, an Office Manager the list of concerns sometimes seemed endless.


  • Was there enough cash in the bank account?
  • $$$ to pay the suppliers/contractors/and me?
  • Would the income due come in on time
  • Was I making a profit and what was my hourly rate…really?


  • How could I fit more into my day?
  • weekly staff meetings; cold calling; marketing; debt collection; performance review;
  • Are the kids really okay?  More time to support, holidays, education….
  • Should spend more time with my aging parents – how long will they be around?
  • Date Night? Huh? Where is the love & romance outside of work?


  • Exercise – do I really need to get up in the morning 5am?
  • Did I drink any water today?  Why am I so tired all the time?
  • In from my walk, 5 min shower, 5 min makeup; thank god for the uniform; breakfast for the kids, lunches prepared, dinner ready to turn on when I get in the door; drive the kids to school or work;

Hell I haven’t eaten breakfast yet? Grab a banana, run for the car – kids already waiting – breath – do not speed…….grr…

Asking for help?

  • I went to my first ever business course – Steven Covey  7 Habits of Highly Effective People – I just had to find a way to get more time!
  • I registered at Enterprise New Zealand for business coaching/mentoring.  I needed more money to flow in and through my business.
  • I learnt how to communicate effectively with
    • Staff
    • Customers
    • Husband & Kids
    • Business Partner
  • I looked at SELF – Inengar Yoga – a very precise and physical form of yoga where holding poses until you feel release sorted out my anger issues….and over the last 20 years self improvement ++

In my experience it takes awareness, a vision, planning, health.   It also takes gutsy courage and strength to stand up and speak up for what you want in your business; so that it serves your life and you making the changes to be different.

I offer the gift of change not an either or approach but a full on have it all can do approach.

It is amazing to me that a few years back (OK, 10 years if I am honest) I used to think I had to give up my career, dreams and my passion for business and growth to have a romantic, fulfilling love my life.  My dream was to live by the beach, have a farm to retreat to, to surround my life with family and friends, create a satisfying business or two help other’s do the same…I wanted everything – to me a very full and well rounded life!

To achieve these things I had to give myself a gift.  The gift was to honestly as questions of myself and others.  Some of these were really difficult fearful questions for me to ask of myself .

  • Who are you?
  • Why are you doing what you’re doing?
  • Is this really what you want?

I have achieved so much, with a huge amount of help, training and coaching from other trainers, mentors in business, property, and the ability to change.

My small business coaching will help you look at

  • where you’re at now;
  • where do you want to be.
  • creating the space for you to dream, plan, and achieve what it is you want in your life.

Click here what’s coming up in May, June & July this year.


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