New Zealand Xmas Trees

Planted at the same time, in the same environment, experiencing exactly the same climate, conditions and yet these three pohutukawa trees have grown at different rates, shape, and flower at different times. Only the middle one is flowering. We could be talking about us as individuals couldn’t we or families. Each one of us behaving so differently within our families, schools, businesses and communities.

So what is it that produces such a different result even though they have access to the same upbringing, resources, teachings?

It could be our beliefs, and attitudes cause the way we express and present ourselves but didn’t they also come from our life conditions?

It could be the way we communicate with self and others? How are you presenting yourself? My results are conditional upon what conclusion I come to and the actions that I take as a result of change. How I act and respond at any one moment is in part due to the belief I hold, together with the attitude and/or emotion I am experiencing in that moment.

We have all heard about IQ, EQ and now there is WQ described as strength of will and AQ adversity the resilience in the face of adversity. An ability to lead ourselves and others through adversity is to be admired. Change and how you we adapt is what really interests me as a coach.

What is it that will make it okay for you so that you can advance your life, living the life of your dreams making simple small adjustments in the face of adversity to suit your heart’s desires?

What makes you persevere to get what you want? If you wish to start 2014 off with Vision, Clarity and Purpose then I have just the Present for YOU! Learn about your Heart, Head and Gut Intelligences. Find out how to access more compassion, creativity, courage and wisdom.A Woman with Heart.

We can get stuck in our stories or what has happened to us rather than see the opportunity that present when change occurs. There is no need to excuse our results today because of our past.

Abuse, depression and anxiety have been a part of my life, how about you? I am writing a book and a key note address on some of my struggles and heart ache during the changes that I experienced in my life and how adversity led me back to joy and laughter.

The joy, fun and laughter in my life comes from learning to live in a spirited & joyous way despite the conditions. I experience the environment and climate the same as you; the same as my family, community and school.

I have a need to address injustice when I see it. To stand up and say I don’t agree with what is going on here in New Zealand.

Today we seem to accept that it is okay to use prescription drugs to a behavioural reaction to our conditions which we experience at times of stress in our childhood or when natural life changes occur that no-one has given us the skills to manage, and work through making simple changes to our belief structure and or learned behavioural responses.

Progress and change is possible, by changing your belief, and behavioural response to most events that life presents us with. You don’t have to go through a lifetime of using prescription drugs, which at present is given far too often and easily to our children; our teenagers; our adults without exploring different options.

Try another way seek out a therapist who will try belief change strategies and teach you another way of doing depression and anxiety.

I offer the gift of change by showing you how to get rid of your anxiety and/or depression (drug free). No shame, No guilt, No regrets! We then get to work on strategies for your business to create the lifestyle you desire.

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