Principles of Great Leadership

Principles of leadershipWhat makes a great leader? We are all leaders of our self, family, work, sports or leisure time activities. Whatever we do in our lives we all lead at some stage in our lives.

Take the test – are you a great leader?

Principles of Great Leadership

What are the qualities, attributes, skills and characteristics of great business leadership?


  • Great leaders are honest & truthful with every person in all circumstances.
  • A good leader leads by example and walks the talk 24/7. There is nowhere to hide as a leader because you are on show, under the spot light all the time.
  • Good leaders are reliable and people can trust their word that they in fact will do as they say. In other words good leaders always deliver on their promises.
  • Consistence is also part of integrity. Good leaders are consistent from one day to the next and in all situations. Consistency also means treating all people the same way.

A question to ask yourself –
Are you 100% in integrity with everything you do in your life and your business?


  • Great leaders have the courage to make decisions, take action and act boldly – often in the face of great difficulties and challenges.
  • The ability to step up the plate is to face your fears, control your fears and master your fears. Everyone has fears – leaders are those who face those fears and take action.
  • Leaders are prepared to fail and are prepared to be criticized. They face the “Tall Poppy Syndrome” head on and have the courage to keep gong in face of all obstacles, all fears and all criticism.
  • Success in business comes from taking risks getting out of your comfort zone and confronting your own fears. As in life and in business, no matter how well you plan, you will be confronted by problems, challenges, difficulties, disappointments, setbacks and obstacles. The great leader does not complain nor make excuses, they continue to take action, they hold steadfast with their vision and action plan and move forward.

A question to ask yourself.
Are you being courageous in your life and your business by confronting and controlling your fears? Are you making the necessary decisions? Have you truly stepped up to the plate boots and all?

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