Relationships – Building Emotional Intelligence

Take heart it is a good thing to feel your emotions!  A very effective inner guidance system a feedback as to what makes us happy or not.

Pretty amazing huh?  A signal to self to keep doing what makes us feel excited, giving, loving, joyous, fulfilled, and secure!  Or a very firm message to change what it is that creates uncomfortable, fearful, hurt, angry, or lonely feelings.

Awareness of these signals and messages is the first step to being able to use our emotions to effectively communicate.  Once we learn to calibrate and trust our own individual messages we create a congruence within ourselves and naturally we relate and communicate more effectively with others.

Strong emotions at times can put us into overwhelm, it can make us fearful.  I have been at effect of my emotions and at times stumbled from one chaotic emotional drama to another.

At Alliance Success coaching we help you understand and accept responsibility for your emotions. You will learn how to communicate your needs and feelings more effectively. In the case of working on a romantic loving relationship we help you

  • Identify what you want in love
  • Create a Belief that you deserve it
  • Trust that you will find it
  • Ask specifically for what you do want and need

As children we long for approval from our parents and seek reinforcement from them. We learn to be what others want or need us to be.  It can take practise to overcome this often firmly ingrained trait.

We can end up focusing on what our partners wants and needs exclusively rather than making sure our own are met first.  It can seem easier at the time, but in the end this strategy works against us.

Learning to communicate our feelings is very important.  Building long lasting loving relationship requires us to

–      set boundaries.

–      learn to say no without feeling guilty.

–      expressing anger, hurt, and disappointment in a positive non-judgemental way.

For some free tips on what to do when experiencing emotions and how to use them to your best advantage click “How to Use your Emotions”.

For a coaching session on building better relationships contact one of our coaches here.

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