Standing Tall

Standing tall

Saluting those warming rays

“this is my day”

Breathing in deeply

I bend to my mat

spine moving delicious and slow,

creating much needed space


Tilling the earth,  planting & watering seeds

by night I look up through those stars

“aaah” there it is the recorded past

successful endeavours & others I’d rather forget

and yet those crops fed me and 100 more


I laugh out loud after my next thought in

“you’re strong and beautiful”

Oh the water I poured

Creative exponential growth

Possessions, certificates of learning claimed

My seeking has flowed into simple nothingness


I bow my head hands in prayer

I listen to that beat

A gesture of respect divinely felt

gathers up and lays to rest as organic compost

gone to feed again that deep soil

nutrients kept close for future growth


Half way they say, to where am I today?

I stretch again reaching for the sky

relaxing my breath, shoulders down

Spine expanded body grounded

in this divine place, home.


being all that is human

purposeful and giving,

creating meaning,

fun, loving

head over heals in love

with my family and friends

excitedly curious of days ahead

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