Success depends on change: how quickly can you can make that decision to change in your business?

You cannot control mother nature! Success depends on change: how quickly can you can make that decision to change and implement those changes in your business.

In my business as a dairy farmer the biggest learnings came from Mother Nature itself! I learned that the same principles applied to dairy farming could be applied and transferred to the business of repairing leather and vinyl. and are easily applied to managing a small business especially in the resources of staff, customer and management.

You cannot control mother nature nor the economic environment in which you work. You can only understand, shift your thinking and act accordingly so that you achieve your outcome. To be successful in business – any business – it is your ability to make CHANGE with speed that will see you succeed. The ability to make informed decisions when your whole minds are aligned. Look at the next big large corporation that goes bust, closes down, and you will see that they were so big and their systems not detailed enough that it would have taken them a month of sundays(years) to make changes – they can’t do it, they don’t understanding it because the same (non)thinking that brought on the problem of not being able to make changes immediately to meet the markets or the economic situation of the town, city, country, world zone.

This little video of Lewis describes how he found humility, and how “very few things are impossible to achieve if we put out whole minds to it” and he had to make some radical changes to be able to do this!

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