When life gets on top of you…


So often, we get into a state of overwhelm … for example it might have been the job you didn’t get, a relationship that didn’t work out, or loved ones getting sick. And usually, it seems to all happen at once! Sound familiar?    ASC-Woman depression blog pic

So far, in 2014, I have had a lot on my plate – new grandchildren, building a new house, family members passing away, changes in my business, and a cancer scare, just to name a few. It reminds me why I’m here writing these blogs, and offering my services to people – life is hard enough to do without the pressures of anxiety and depression lurking with us on a daily basis. I specialize in drug-free rapid depression and anxiety treatments, and I want to help you to get YOUR life back.

I want to tell you about two new changes to me website – my depression questionnaire, and my new online booking system.


My personal experience with depression

We live in a fast and furious world out there. A normal busy daily life also creates stress – sometimes these stresses get us going, motivate us and challenge us to get up and do! Sometimes they have the opposite effect, they stop us in our tracks, we don’t feel like doing what we used to, and things can become a chore or too much to deal with it.

I know when my Dad died I was distraught at the loss and for a time everything became heavy, things seemed quite dark all around me. I started to physically sigh so loudly that others would notice, it was very much a heavy hearted sigh! I am grateful that I continued on, one step after the other after Dad’s death and gradually I started to understand that what I had felt was depression…it was almost as though my emotions were not able to be expressed because I hadn’t felt like this, I didn’t know a “proper” way of expressing how I felt so I just got angry, sad, controlling and for a time I went from being a warm loving open person to that of a cold, angry, closed person.

I have taken what I learned from that experience, and used it to inspire further study into how I do me; how I use my multiple intelligences; and understanding how personalities and human behaviours are formed. I learned how to change my phobias, anxiety and depression, and to rediscover that warm and open person I truly am. I was able to start communicating once again with those around me that I love

…after all I had learned to do these states so I can learn not to…they are just stuck behaviours.


How do you ‘move through’ depression?

We all have times when we feel down. It might be when we are extremely tired and haven’t taken time to nurture ourselves. Perhaps we stopped taking a walk on the beach, a book , a run, a game of squash, tennis, or a yoga class, or cooking our favourite food and inviting our favourite people to visit. Why?

As a coach, specializing in depression and anxiety treatments, I can help you establish how you are doing what you do now. I can show you how you’re doing depression and I can show you HOW NOT TO do depression.

We get stuck into states of being like sadness, loneliness, unable to make decisions and move forward.   It may be at first because we have never felt like this or had this experience before we don’t quite know how to deal with the emotion of that.

YOU are an incredible being and I can show you how to make the changes and even more than that use those same skills elsewhere in your life. You can book an appointment with me to discuss how my drug-free treatments can enable you to get on with your life in as little as 4 hours!

Book an appointment in person or on Skype


Take the Depression Quiz

I have just uploaded a depression quiz on my website. It is made up of the same questions that Doctors use to diagnose depression, and medicate if necessary.

There are only 9 questions about how you have been feeling over the last two weeks.

This is a great start to the process of moving through depression. The first step to helping yourself is to understand how you are feeling right now, and the second is to understand why that might be!

 Take the quiz here.

A final word…

My thoughts this week are with my extended family this week – my cousins, aunties, uncles, and their families. We have all lost a very special person who bought much light to our lives. Please look after yourselves and enjoy the time you do have with your loved ones.

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