The Power of Change

Make real changes in your life in just 2 hours!

This series of workshops will enable you to make real changes in key areas of your life in just 2 hours. There are four sessions, each covering a different topic – choose just one, or attend all four! Topics are:


Finding Direction & Clarity

Where are you now? Where do you REALLY want to be? What do you need to get there? What’s preventing you from having all this?

Discover the answers to all these questions and get some clarity about what you want out of YOUR life.

Communication with Self & Others

Learn about new technologies in neuroscience that better enable you to communicate. You will come away with some basic techniques for building rapport with a wide range of people and getting your message across more effectively.

Emotions & Your Experience

Understand the role of emotions in the body and how they are formed. Learn how to express these emotions in a more valuable way.

Values & Motivation

What do you spend your time, money, and energy on? Why is it easier for you to do some things and not others? Understand how you motivate yourself and others.

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