A Woman With Heart

I offer the gift to Powerfully Present Yourself

A short course for women only. Led by a woman who is prepared to stand out, speak up and get the job done, and who also has great heart and is generous of spirit. This multi-session workshop invites you in to a learning environment with myself and other women to learn, listen, talk, laugh, cry, be real, and change unuseful beliefs.  Carry on your year with new inspiration. You will also learn to present, put yourself forward, believe in yourself more, and have fun more often!


What’s your situation?

  • Do you have trouble with low energy levels?
  • What if you can become more motivated and energised?
  • Do you get overlooked at work, or at home?
  • Would you like to be more popular, appreciated at home and recognised at work?
  • Do you get walked over or talked down to?
  • Learn how to stand up for yourself and have more power in your life!


Benefits for you…

  • Personal and Professional Development
  • Starting the year off with Vision, Clarity and Purpose
  • Gaining communication tools and techniques
  • Truly Valuing Yourself
  • A new level of self mastery
  • Learning about your Heart, Head and Gut intelligences
  • Finding out how to access more Compassion, Creativity, Courage and Wisdom


Enrolling in the course

See the training calendar for the next start date, or book now.

Includes: Folder, Handouts, Refreshments. Prerequisite to attend: Over 18 years of age.